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Wix Bookings: Tips for Managing Your Business During COVID-19

During this challenging time, with its ever-changing landscape, it's easy to feel out of control. This article will help you focus on those parts of your business you can take charge of, so you can get through this period in the best way possible. Let's dive in!

Communicating with Clients

One of the most important things you can do is to communicate effectively with your clients. Whether your hours are changing, your services are canceled, or whether they are going ahead in a different format, build trust by letting customers know what's going on.

Check out these communication options:

  • Update your site: Keep your clients in the loop. Update your website and social media pages with any changes to services or cancellations. Add a health waiver form to your site to increase safety and an FAQ section to address client concerns.

  • Chat: Live chat with clients using Wix Chat or on the Wix mobile app.

  • Send an email marketing campaign: Use email marketing to let clients know about changes to your business.

  • Blog: Write a blog article detailing what your business is doing to keep your clients safe.

  • Forum: Create a forum and actively respond to questions and concerns from your community.

  • Challenges: Keep your tribe activated by inviting them to a challenge you created just for them.

  • Social Media posts: Update your followers on social media with any relevant information.


  • Let your customers know that it's still business as usual or communicate restrictions by adding a badge to your site.

  • Great communication is not only for clients. If you have staff members working for you, make sure to update them about ongoing changes to your business.

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