• Joann Savage, Webmaster

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

JS Site Designer Forum I’m Joann, our lead freelance WiX Website Designer.

We created the JS Site Design website 6 years ago. The site was create for those who needed help creating and maintaining their first website.

However, recently our site looked like it could use some updating. Could your site use some updating too? Or, are you thinking about starting a website for your business, group or organization but need some questions answered first? If so, visit this page weekly to get information that will help you keep your site current and relevant. For those who want answers to questions they may have, feel free to contact us for help.

We haven’t chosen a name for our forum. Should it be Tips & Tricks Tuesday or WiX Wednesday? Maybe you can help us name this forum. DM us on Facebook or Instagram if you have some ideas. You can also use the link above to become a member of the forum. Thank you for visiting JS Site Designer. Please come back and visit us soon!

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