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Do you need a website for your startup business or organization?
No time, we design. Lack training, we're maintaining. 

Website Design

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What We Do


We serve up and coming small businesses, entrepreneurs, groups and individuals looking to start their first website, but have no idea where to begin.  We will guide you through the step by step process of creating your first website using WiX.  


We will help you design a new website or redesign an old website and maintain the content and design of each.  We will work with you at your pace and will help you form a website design that meets your needs. If you are redesigning an old website, we will help you transfer your domain name to the new website.

What We've Done


We have experience designing, redesigning and maintaining websites. Some of our recent clients are All About Perfection Events, Baltimore Board of Officials for Women's Sports and Franklin High School's MCJROTC. We have also create mini videos for placement on websites, to show at events or as tributes for weddings, funerals, graduations, etc. 

Who We Are

We are a freelance website design and web-mastering service designed to help those who have a need but lack the knowledge of how to create, design and maintain their first website. We began this service as a favor to an organization that had an old, poorly designed website.  They had a small budget and wanted a website that would draw members to their organization.

We design great websites and videos from start to finish. 

Work & Clients

Websites Design

We can design a new WiX website from beginning to end and establish a reasonable "Goes Live" date. We will work with you at your pace and help you form a website design that meets your needs. WiX subscriptions are required and are not included in the website design cost.

Design & Maintenance


All About Perfection Events is an Event Planning and Design Company owned and operated by Sharon Savage. We will coordinate and design your wedding from the moment you say, “yes”...until the moment you are whisked away to your grand send off!


I hope everyone who visits my site can see the passion and all the hard work that was put into it. It’s been a long time coming, and I’m very excited about it!

Working with none other than the webmaster JS Site Designer to complete this project, I must say, “I’m very proud of myself,” but, I also must say that I couldn’t have asked for a better or more talented person to bring my vision to life!

Joann’s work is phenomenal!!! Thank you so much!!!

Sharon Savage

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Moriah Savage's personal website was designed to bring her resume to life. After graduating college, she needed a resume that would stand out from all others.


Thank you so much for helping me design my personal website.  Your step-by-step guidance and patience was all I needed to get the site completed.  After only 4 months of my website going live, I've landed a full-time position at a local investment management firm. 

Moriah Savage


Franklin High School Marine Corps JROTC  is a website designed to support the MCJROTC cadets by posting the latest news, calendar events, cadet and alumni updates and Booster Club information.


YOU ARE AMAZING!!! Just wanted to throw that out there!!! Thank you so much for creating and implementing this for our community of cadets! 


Kari Curotto, FHS MCJROTC, Vice President

Websites Redesign

We can redesign an old website and transfer your domain name to a WiX account. The redesign process will not interfere with your original website. Once the redesign is complete a seamless transfer from the old site to the new site will occur, with no interruptions. WiX subscriptions are required and are not included in the website redesign cost.

Video Advertisements and Tributes

We can develop a short video for advertisements or tributes.  This includes capturing pictures and/or videos, transferring old media to video format and all other editing requirements. If travel time is required to capture video, it will be included in total hours charged.


This short video advertisement was created to appear on

All About Perfection Events Website.

This short video advertisement was created to appear on

a college athlete's social media page.


This short video advertisement was created to appear on

Baltimore Board of  Officials for Women's Sports website.

This short video advertisement was created to appear on

Carroll County Volleyball Club website.

This short video tribute was created for the seniors of the

Century High School Girls Volleyball Team.

Redesign & Maintenance

This video tribute was created to appear on the

Franklin High School MCJROTC Website.